Top Videos of 2018

Watch the most talked about videos covering Los Alamos science in 2018, with topics ranging from designing an HIV vaccine to developing a powerplant for a Mars colony.

Powering a Habitat on Mars with Kilopower
When we imagine sending humans to live on Mars, the moon, or other planetary bodies in the not-so-distant future, one of the main questions is: How will we provide the colonists with power?

Big Data Just Got Bigger
The Trinity supercomputer broke a world record in how quickly it generated a trillion files. You could say that when Big Science and Big Data put their heads together at Los Alamos National Laboratory, they make history.

HIV vaccine enters human efficacy trials
The HIV mosaic vaccine was originally designed at Los Alamos National Laboratory using a machine learning algorithm designed by Bette Korber and her team. It's the first computationally designed HIV vaccine.


The Sterile Neutrino Discovery
New research results have potentially identified a fourth type of neutrino. The “sterile neutrino” particle provides challenges for the Standard Model of particle physics, if found to be a valid result in future experiments.

New LANL space instrument goes for a spin
Scientists and engineers at Los Alamos National Laboratory are using a unique centrifuge facility to evaluate a flight-ready telemetry system for evaluating a nuclear weapons test missile launch.




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